Summerburst: Day 1

What madness went down on the first day of Summerburst can never truly be described without you going for yourself one day but I’ll try my best to persuade you. There was glow sticks, foam fingers, a beer or five and a whole lot of dancing.

The atmosphere was electric and thats what I think kept me dancing for nine hours! haha. First of all the festival itself didn’t really get going until at least 2 and so a long Friday snooze was possible and much needed for the madness that was approaching. I think I picked the perfect festival outfit because it kept me comfortable the whole time and I think what you’re wearing adds to the whole experience and so stretchy clothes allow for mass movement (if you get me haha). We arrived early well in some respects it was nearly 3 in the afternoon however, this was after getting lost for about an hour previous ( I should have my own show ‘Jasmine gets lost around the world‘ haha) this allowed for a little alcohol consumption well… anyway before we knew it Rebecca and Fiona were on stage and I was super excited to be seeing them for the first time and after that time flew Showtek performed and then it was time for Matin Garrix which was the point I got a little crazy and as luck would have it he was shooting his next music video at the festival so theres a chance I may make an appearance I don’t know what they captured haha (Do I really want to know though).

At one point I found a foam finger and I was so happy I clung onto this thing for the duration of the festival these things were like gold dust in there everyone wanted one and I even got asked numerous times ‘Can I have that?’ (well in Swedish but that was the translation) of course I refused until one point a certain male was passing by tried to grab my foam finger off of me and ripped the finger part off I was not impressed! I got over it haha.

Comviq made up for this when they handed to free glow sticks and so it was screw you foam finger hello huge purple rave lights indeed the drunken mass went crazy for these foamy lights. Throughout the whole day the weather was hit and miss and so to warm up what else could you do than jump right in the middle of the crowd to warm up at one point I was at the front which If you know me brings me great joy haha.

I know it is highly controversial to recommend heavy alcohol consumption but some times it is necessary I mean there are times when you wouldn’t want to be sober such as the moment I got punched in the stomach by pushers or got stroked when at the bar by a random guy and some unmentionable moments (you just need a drink you know haha).

After all of these antics though I had the time of my life on the first day of Summerburst and it certainly opened my eyes to how great electronic festivals are and how much fun it is to enjoy EDM with the masses.

What I Learnt:

  • Get Drunk!
  • Do not care about anyone but yourself and the people you’re with
  • Other people don’t care so get as crazy as you want
  • Get as many freebies as possible
  • Dance until you drop
  • Do not go to any festival if you’re a germaphobe not even a city festival the toilets are rank










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