Summerburst: Day 2

So I think we can all agree that day one taught me a few lessons. Day two started off chilled, I had an extra long sleep (well 8 hours because bed time was after 2am) which set me up for the day perfectly. Of course my first priority was to go out for ice-cream because who doesn’t wake up and want a frozen treat that happened to be Champagne flavoured (go find one there delicious).

The festival kicked off for me at around 4 and then it got a little blurry haha. It started off with a trip to the bar because every girl (and guy) has to have their priorities straight! It soon got around to eight in the evening and Calvin Harris popped up on stage, it was a must see because he was phenomenal. David Guetta literally blew the place away and there was fireworks and fire shooting into the sky every five seconds it was amazing never before have I ever seen anything quite like it. My dancing was pretty bad at this point and we all know why. Then it was time to speak to some strangers which I recommend because you learn new things and there’s nothing wrong about being a social butterfly after all. I also learnt that contrary to everyday life going with the crowd at a festival is advisable or you WILL get trampled on from what feels like a heard of bulls. When the crowd jumps try to jump in sync with them however, in other aspects of life be unique!

This festival was mad fun and I’ll definitely be returning next week because it was one of the best weekends EVER! considering Sweden is now my second home I’ll be partying with those beautiful people a whole lot more.

P.S. Your hair will smell insanely bad for a while after even after many showers.

P.P.S. Don’t wear white shoes and Take at least a week to recover.








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