Mamma Mia

Morning Beauties,

What fun Sunday was! Sunday needed to be enjoyed but it also needed to be relaxing after the early weekend antics. Naturally it had to be a journey to the Abba museum and my goodness it was so enjoyable. I was asked if I was a big Abba fan to which I replied Mediocre so from that point the museum tried to persuade us differently. Endless laughter carried us throughout the exhibitions. The music is so joyful and naturally it was being projected from every part of the museums rooms. I had Money, Money, Money stuck in my mind all day but it was worth it. I learnt so many things I was unaware of before entering.

It was so beautifully placed and from the outside the Museum may not seem very large however, when you take the lift down two floors to a well air conditioned room with ABBA in lightbulbs (I definitely want my name in those lights) the museum becomes a grand affair. I loved that every single outfit they wore were placed throughout and my favourite part was the recording studio that was recreated down to every detail.

It was nothing short of fabulous and really showed the hard work of the band throughout their careers, I definitely recommend you visit.








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