Spellbound. The only way to describe the feeling that visiting Lake Bled gave to me. A little gift for my memory bank tied with the sweetest ribbon.
IMG_2990 IMG_3008 IMG_3010 IMG_3036
1 hour after hoping on a coach from Slovenia’s capital Ljubjana It appeared that I had stepped back in time to a serene town where time had stood still (not in a bad way) and tourism was booming. This quaint town is however, not a cog in the everyday tourism conveyer belt it definitely holds its own, with a lack of new buildings ruining the aesthetic of the town it has a charm and a unique one at that.
IMG_3073 IMG_3077
Nestled in the eastern alps, by Summer it becomes a place for sunbathing, water sports and pleasant walks, a place to gather your thoughts and wash your everyday worries away. By Winter it becomes a scene from a familiar tale told many times in many variations, a place to bask in the winter, whichever season you choose to pay Lake bled a visit you will be warmed by the welcoming of the locals and the magic that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.
Like a scene from a disney movie you can take a slovenian style gondola recommend to me by the lovely owners of the small hostel I stayed in a small walk from the Lake itself. The gondolas are rowed by one man a two very large paddles (put it this way I was glad I was steering the boat of ten people) a great effort on his part.
Floating in the centre of the lake is a small island with a chapel situated on the top, whereby you can ring the bell 3 times and make a wish (at the price of 4 euros) very worth its while. I also have to recommend the ice cream stand where I bought a very large Gelato cone the size of my head which unfortunately I did not take a picture of due to lack of time to melting ratio.
The sheer beauty of Lake Bled and the surrounding town blew me away. For a moment I stood by the lake in awe at the magic I was witnessing. Above you can see a glimpse of my trip to Bled but I honestly recommend visiting this little gem for yourself because the photographs just do not do it justice.
(All photographs belong to myself, copyright of Jasmine Baggott)

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