The Frighteners


Hello October, you beautiful time of the year. It finally feels like Autumn and the change in the air is refreshing. I have an obvious love for autumn evidently however, I have a greater love for the celebrations within the season. I’m obviously talking of Halloween, a favourite of mine.

Aside from the pumpkins, toffee apple and all spiced everything nothing makes Halloween more spooky than a good supernatural movie. So I’ve proposed a movie a day for the entirety of October. So throwing it back to the 90’s and a classic Michael J. Fox movie The Frighteners. This film will indeed put the frighteners on you. A town haunted by the ghost of a serial killer obsessed with the killing records of his fellow insanity stricken nasties. The movie follows Michael J. Fox’s character who is a psychic with a grief stricken past if not a some what confused past.

It’s awesome on many levels from the stick in your mind villains to the disturbing revelations that are scattered through the movie. If anything it’s very ’90’s and who doesn’t love the ’90’s. It’s first on my list for no good reason just that I’ve watched it since I was younger and the scares don’t get old.


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