Practical Magic.

Practical-Magic-109977950375 Practical-Magic-movie-house-exterior

Good evening finest,

Today’s movie pick has to be Practical Magic which is one of my all time favourite films out there with so many great stars within one movie if you’ve never heard of/seen this movie then it’s a must. The setting is absolutely spectacular and I’m not going to lie the house in which they live is practically my dream home. It takes you through more ordeals than you would expect and whilst having an intense storyline it manages to remain family friendly (in my opinion). It surrounds a family of witches who’s true loves are being punished for falling in love by an old family grudge that gradually evolved into a curse over the years.

If anything it will get you in the autumnal mood and make you believe in magic that little bit more. It’s a perfect Halloween movie for those who like the supernatural but not the scary parts. If you give it a chance you can adore it just as much as I do.


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