Paris, je t’aime.

There’s endless tales of Paris, the romantic the adventurous and the straight up breathtaking moments that the city has to offer. However, you never really know the true Paris from looking at a few pictures of Le Tour Eiffel and watching Midnight in Paris. You’ve got to see it for yourself, well ok you’ve heard everybody else’s tall tale so what’s another one to the mix.

Arriving in Paris by train via Zurich was not a difficult task of course that was until you stepped off the train and stepped into the maze that is the streets of Paris. It’s true you know stepping into Paris is like stepping into the glitzy and glamorous picture you have in you’re mind, what isn’t glamorous is the endless queue that seemed to span around the whole of the train station just for a Taxi. Soo, the metro it is!

The metro is a mind game for someone who doesn’t often use the tube and so finding the ticket machine became an adventure in itself, but don’t worry lovelies I’m here to inform you that the ticket machine are indeed the things with the rolling pad that looks like a child’s toy but is indeed a serious ticket machine. Anyway after not being asleep for 48 hours my bloodshot eyes and not at all glamorous ensemble we’re glad to see the streets of Paris and our bed!

So waking up in Paris is truly what dreams are made of the picture below is of the first view by daylight that I experienced from my rooftop view, truly spectacular. Full on tourist day ahead and I couldn’t have been more excited to explore after my ten hour collapse (AKA sleep).



I had to take a moment during my first sighting of Le Tour Eiffel because it’s truly spectacular and to me really looked like it was fashioned from wood (I assure you it’s not). I advise taking a bottle of water to workout on, I mean climb the stairs of the tower a tip I could have used.


After been taken aback by the view of the entirety of the city, I hoped onto one of those tourist river boats where you can hop on and off at your leisure throughout the day and I highly recommend taking one because your legs will ache walking the entire city (Warning: you do go in a circle).


After a day of sights the last one to tick off of my list had to be the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Élysées where I found the most hilarious waiter, I mean great restaurant Le Deauville where the wine was flowing and the food was delectable. Ending the day with an Arc de Sélfie and getting lost once again some what of  a forté for moi.


(All photographs taken by me, Copyright of  Jasmine Baggott)


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