Hey, Mickey

Let’s take a walk back through last summers adventures, shall we!?

Believe it or not as a 19 year old I had never been to Disneyland (queue shock) fear not, that’s all behind us now! Disneyland Paris is indeed magical and no I don’t want to be cliché but no one can enter Disneyland and leave with a sad face (only if they are sad to leave).

An early start for us and the rush through the Parisian metro is not so magical, catching multiple underground trains before jumping onto the one marked Disney Land and away we went.

First things first stepping off of the train and into the land of Disney is as magical as the first sighting of Le Tour Eiffel, with Mickey Mouse everything surrounding you, you can’t help but go back to the days of watching the old favourite disney movies as a child.

I would recommend buying the 2 parks ticket (for around 80 Euros) each if you are there for the day because we went in and out of each park multiple times trying to fit all the rides and sights in, which is nigh on impossible to do in a day but I like to think we did a pretty good job. The one ride you MUST go on is the Aerosmith Rock n roller coaster because I don’t think I’ve ever been on one quite like it (and I’ve been on heaps), just trust me you’ll love it.

You can’t find fault with Disney land the queues were quick, the food wasn’t too overly priced, there was an abundance of facilities, it was indeed magical and it really does feel like you’ve entered a different world far from reality indeed. Go see for yourself and I swear no matter what age you are you’ll have fun!

IMG_3881 IMG_3931 IMG_3929 IMG_3923 IMG_3915 IMG_3914 IMG_3897 IMG_3896 IMG_3866IMG_3886 IMG_3883

IMG_3876 IMG_3871 IMG_3868Ahh how I wish I was there right now!

Have a good day guys x


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