We bought a new house… (Yeah we wish)

Hey hey,

I had a wonderful day yesterday, first of all it was my birthday (how could I not be happy) and second of all I got to go to one of my favourite places in England Chatsworth house and Garden. I really don’t know how those gardens are so magical obviously a product of someones dream. There was the most wonderful maze which I have to admit I got lost in more than once haha. I’ve always wanted a maze in the back garden but obviously it would probably only have been one that reaches your ankles and compared to this towering maze it wouldn’t compare it was like I’d stepped into Wonderland with the sun glistening on the left over snow.

I’ve taken a few photo’s which I thought showed the true beauty and unique nature of this beautiful corner of the world (and I’ve even thrown a few in of me and my family). The house itself seemed to be full with centuries old painting’s and trinkets (I even spotted a few golden easter eggs dotted around). The two interesting pieces that struck me was a rather large ornate sledge and pram which were beautifully designed ( but didn’t look comfortable enough to sit in). All in all it’s a place which I highly recommend  visiting even if you don’t like history it’s definitely a lovely walk with a few hidden mysterious attractions e.g the coal mine (scary and cold) so much fun.

I also have to mention the lovely restaurant we later visited in Nether Alderly called Tiger Lily where the food was exquisite and the hospitality was warm they even gave me a slice of cake and a shot (for my 18th) which they only knew about because the lovely waiter was kind enough to enquire about our celebration (couldn’t of asked for better quality).


Mum with a chair made of penny's

Mum with a chair made of penny’s

Dad found the perfect wine chalice

Dad found the perfect wine chalice


Me and Big Sis

Me and Big Sis

Found a mini maze

Found a mini maze

Much love




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